Face Off OG - 3.5 g

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Face Off OG is an indica-dominant strain bred from two famed OG phenotypes. Its effects are initially uplifting, but then quickly dive into deep sedative relaxation. The aroma is earthy and sweet with hints of pine and citrus.
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Face Off OG

This <a style="color: #046738;indica leaning hybrid has been serving face since the 90s! Originating out of Southern California, breeders at Archive Seed Bank are responsible for many contemporary batches of Face Off OG, though its exact lineage remains a mystery to this day. Named for the intense body (and face) buzz that its high offers, Face Off OG is a heavily potent strain that can knock even the most experienced of users! Deeply relaxing and calming as well as sedating, it is sought after by indica lovers, adventure seekers and medical users alike for its strength. With a classic cannabis terpene profile of earthiness and hashy spices, you really can’t go wrong with Face Off OG–though you ought to proceed with caution! 


First time users, beginners and those prone to panic or anxiety may want to steer clear of the Face Off OG. It offers a cerebral head high that is relaxing and calming, though with that being said, a little too much can result in brain fog. If you’re not careful with your dosage, it can even lead to confusion and dizziness! Otherwise, you’ll be able to bask in its sedative and peaceful relaxation which, in a matter of minutes, can have you locked to your couch and just lazy. You probably won’t be wanting to do much of anything! The heaviness of the strain makes it highly effective in pain relief, and there is a tingling buzz that can be felt throughout your body. Those struggling with chronic pains, inflammation, aches, tremors, arthritis and migraines will find benefits with this strain. It can also cater to those dealing with mood disorders such as chronic stress and depression. With such an intense high with Face Off OG, the experience could be nicely elevated as you chill back and relax to some movies or music *cough cough* Mask Off by Future, anyone?

THC Content

Face Off OG is widely considered to be an indica leaning hybrid because of its heavy indica style effects, though it is not an uncommon opinion to view it as a balanced hybrid as well since it admittedly is well rounded overall. It averages around 20% THC potency, and common perception is that two heavy indicas were crossbred to culminate in Face Off OG. While its exact parental heritage is unknown, it is believed to be an indirect derivative of the OG Kush, or at least a descendant of one of OG Kush’s phenotypes. Even OG Kush, a slightly sativa leaning hybrid, is itself a mystery with unconfirmed parents, though one of its suspected parent breeds is the legendary Hindu Kush landrace! 

Appearance & Aroma

The nuggets of Face Off OG are a brighter green, sort of like lime. They are tightly packed buds, showing a structure which hints at its indica genetics. Its pistils are a fiery orange that might appear reddish in some batches. They are finished with crystal trichomes that give it a bit of a glimmer. In terms of its terpene profile, there isn’t anything particular distinguishable, but any lovers of cannabis will be able to enjoy its classic blend of typical weed notes: from fresh herbs, rich earthiness to hashy spices. When smoking and exhaling, there are also hints of a sweet citrus on top of those classic aromas!


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